10 Replies to “Nottingham Forest Manager Mode- Back to the Big Time S1 EP 4”

  1. @TomLFCHeaven Since then I bought two pretty crap DM’s as cover as a free agent rated 59 and 62, I’ll post a video up soon with the squad after transfers

  2. @GPSJustin Nice, thanks for the details.. what are the average rating of your team and are those signings much better than the others ?

  3. @JoshBCFCHevan Yeah EA must have screwed up the default formation, I laughed when I saw that their formation was 5-2-1-2. I altered Nottingham Forest’s formation to 4-5-1 to pack their midfield, seemed to work well, my new signing got 2 assists and a goal 🙂

  4. @GPSJustin Normaly we play with 4-4-2 Maybye gary jonson lost his mind. I love city Anyway Bristol city would you mind if…. ONE FOR THE BRISTOL CITY 2 FOR THE BOYS IN RED 3 FOR THE FANS DOWN ASHTON GAT E. PS I am down ashton gate

  5. @JoshBCFCHevan It was 5-0, Bristol were playing with a crap 5-2-1-2 formation and thanks for watching! 🙂


  7. @TomLFCHeaven I’ve got three new signings so far, a RB called Ben Frej, an AM called Carlinhos Paraiba, and a LM called Volkan Sen.

  8. Is that Portugal dude your new signing? Can’t spell his name lol haha
    Loving this series dude, keep it up and happy holidays mate !

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