Coventry manager Steven Pressley is the latest to praise Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson after he has labelled the 71-year-old as an inspiration to all managers. Ferguson recently announced this decision to retire from his managerial career after more than 40 years of managing several clubs. However, he is widely known for managing Manchester United former than 26 years. During this period, he has managed to lift 38 titles with the club. This trophy haul includes Premier league and Champions League titles as well.

The longevity of Ferguson has always been spoken of as a model for several clubs, who constantly change their managers. Ferguson almost came close to losing his job after three years without a trophy at Manchester United, but he has since gone on to create a legacy at the club that will be hard to overcome. Pressley has said that the most important characteristic of Ferguson is his will to win, which is extremely strong even at the age of 71 years. Over the course of his incredible managerial career, Ferguson has overseen 1499 matches yet he retains the same will to win.

Pressley has also praised the way Ferguson has managed to create a style of football, which has become synonymous with Manchester United.

“He’s an inspiration to us all in terms of his desire about his job and the intensity in which he goes about it, he’s never lost that. He’s never satisfied even when he wins the league because the next time he wants his team to win it again with even more style. He’s embraced new methods and changed with the game but he’s still stayed true to the old school values, he’s never lost his hunger and always looks to improve his team no matter what they achieve,” said Coventry manager Pressley.