9 Replies to “Shane Long – TAXI”

  1. what a twat u are u call urself a reading fan u disgust me find another team no way reading are going down mid table maybe ­čśë le fondre´╗┐ ftw

  2. It’s clearly not the´╗┐ best idea to upload videos of players from your ‘favourite’ club missing shots. I know Long has moved to WBA but still, don’t upload our apparent ‘fails’..

  3. @XxM4TT0xx shit reading fans like you who say roson kanus shit simon church is shit and then when they score a goal youre like he so good and before when they are doing ok youre like theyre shit reading r going down so STFU you´╗┐ know shit

  4. @0611oli no not really cuz he did have a bad´╗┐ 1st half of season by missing easy chances and theres no need for that language.

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