Coventry City have been going through a bumpy ride for the last couple of years and manager Steven Pressley has accepted that it was never going to be easy to rebuild the club that had been in decline for more than a decade. Coventry were once in the Premier league not in the distant past, but they have since slipped down the tables and are currently playing in the third division. They could easily find themselves in the bottom of the pyramid if they failed to avoid relegation this season.

Coventry are perilously close to the relegation zone with several matches left in the campaign. This has led to calls for the sacking of Steven Pressley, but the manager has defended his actions so far by saying that the rebuilding job at the club cannot be done overnight. He has pointed out to the several years of decline that the club has had to go through. Despite the troubled times at the club, Pressley is confident that the fans will be able to come out much stronger. Coventry still could possibly get into the Championship via the play-offs.

After 32 matches in the campaign, they are 14 points behind Peterborough United. They finally managed to arrest the slide of three consecutive defeats with a draw against Shrewsbury.

“You always want to win but what we have to recognise is the building process, and we’ve probably been victims of our own success because the acceleration of the team was so quick and so good for the first four or five months. But I said during that period that with a young side and developing squad that there would be difficult periods along the way, and we’re going through that now. There is no way you will ever get a smooth rise with no blips along the way,” said Pressley.