25 Replies to “Coventry City 2 – 3 Leeds Utd ~ 6th Nov 2010 (Goals and highlights)”

  1. @ShaylerKiid1 yeah, you’re right! Sorry dude! I only tended to film when Cov were on the attack though… which wasn’t very often last season!!! haha! Thanks for watching! PUSB! 🙂

  2. @Lennonator5 ur videos r realy good i go to every game and ur videos show me what REALY happend in the game i hope i will see u at a game

  3. Was there! Quality day! Snoddy’s strike was a beaut!

    Good Luck for rest of season Cov!

  4. @kingronaldo09 I think the song at the start that Cov come out to is P Diddy ‘Come with me’ (from Godzilla. Hope that helps!! 🙂

  5. @kingronaldo09 I know which tune you are on about but I’m afraid I don’t know what it’s called!! Its the one that goes “d-d-d, d-d-d, d-d-d, d-d-d… duuur, duuuur, duuuur, duuuur, d-d-d… Etc etc!!!” haha! I’ll ask around n if I find out, will let you know! 🙂

  6. @kingronaldo09 what song are you on about?! The music I have put over the vid, the chants from crowd or the song the stadium is playing?!?! So many tunes!!! 🙂

  7. Great video, shows well what a matchday is like. Can everyone bring a friend to the game next time, please/ Fill the Ricoh! PUSB.

  8. she said no marlon she se no, she sed no marlon she said no,she said no marlon she said no oooooohhhh marlon she said no…..

  9. going up leeds are going up na na na na na na na .MOT.WACCOE, find it funny coz ur singing who r ya but were still winnin u just look like dickheads carnt wait to u cum to us u wont evan bring half what we bring.we sellout every away game.good vid though.

  10. Nice document of the day. As for our away support – we’ll sell every allocation we’re given this season, cups included.


  11. @fez41 Simply pointed out the facts to you fez. For whatever reason, good or bad, Leeds still attract a crowd. This is what you were disputing.
    As for the WACCOE, a simple google search will reveal the answer to you. We know were never the ‘actual’ Champions of Europe.
    Anyway, enough of this – good luck with your team for the remainder of the season. Hope to see you in the playoffs or even back in the top flight some time. After all, that’s what most supporters aspire to.

  12. @asillad ‘Bitter’ ???? Pot calling kettle me thinks. WACCOE, now what’s that all about? I’m pretty knowledgable about the game but I don’t remember you ever being crowned champs. Runners up, but never champs.

  13. ‘You’re no great attraction anymore to anyone other than your own supporters. We only turned up to watch city win’.

    ‘The only coincidence is they all hate you and want to see their team beat you.’

    I think you are not sure if you are coming or going. Make your mind up will you?

    For whatever the reason, Leeds are still a crowd puller, and fans know it is going to be a cracker of an atmosphere game. Don’t be bitter now – life’s too short. Grow some gonads and admit you are wrong lol.

  14. @asillad The only coincidence is they all hate you and want to see their team beat you. That’s the only fact.

  15. @fez41 Here’s some facts m8. Scunthorpe, Middlesboro, Barnsley, Forest, Coventry, Norwich and Reading (who we play this weekend and are sold out) will have all had their biggest crowds of the season for the visit of Leeds.

  16. which marlon king chant n thanks for singing were not famous any more loved t experence down there but u come up here n u’ll c a propper crowd

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