Tony Mowbray gave the impression of getting twitchy after Coventry’s third scoreless draw in as many as four home appearances this season. His words post Oldham game reflected frustration as he admitted he had had enough of poor results.

Mowbray revealed he was in the dressing room before coming to the press conference where he spoke to his boys and told them that some changes could be on the cards on the Gillingham visit in seven days.

Mowbray said, “This match got me really frustrated. The reason being we were massively backed to put the first win on the board. We had a belter of a match the last time we had visited Oldham. Yes, the team did not remain intact after that, people moved out, new people came in, but, we should not be struggling like this against a team we were all over like a rash the previous time.”

“Only defending well is not enough. You can be very, very efficient with your defence, but, you would still not be the winning side if you are not striking and that’s what we are not doing. We are not striking. The sort of training we had the last few days, I thought the boys were in great shape, but, it didn’t look like that on the ground.”

“Those sitting out would obviously come into the mix. If you are not getting what you want from people you are selecting, it is natural that you turn to other people who are available to do the job. I could see a couple of players getting restless on the bench today, wanting to be thrown into the action and they are surely going to have their chances now. It’s onto them to make them count.”