Pressley reveals opinion on sacking of Wilcox

Russ Wilcox was the manager of the League One club Scunthorpe United and the English manager became an important figure for the club after Wilcox managed to guide Scunthorpe United through League Two and earned a promotion to the higher tier League One but after going through a disastrous start of a season in this new league, he was sacked on October 8.

The start of the season saw Scunthorpe United suffering 7 successive defeats in League One out of the 8 opening matches of the campaign and Russ Wilcox was sacked due to this abysmal series of defeats.

Steve Pressley is the coach of Coventry City and he has not been shy in unveiling his opinion concerning this sacking. Pressley does not agree with this decision as he told the media that used to have more time for them to make their mark in their clubs and that losing as well as winning is all part of being a manager and part of football, everything takes time according to the boss of Coventry City.

“I look at Russ Wilcox and his record is phenomenal. I was at the LMA awards at the end of the season and he received the manager of the year award, he has an indifferent period and then he loses his job. Managers used to have five or six years to restructure and develop their club and the biggest example is Sir Alex Ferguson and I think it’s something that’s forgotten in the modern game’’

“Part of being a manager, part of success, is going through difficult times and proving you can come out at the other end. That’s part of football, part of sport but a lot of the time these managers aren’t given that time. That’s what disappoints me; that’s why I get frustrated when I see some of these managers losing their jobs” Coventry City’s Steve Pressley said.