14 Replies to “Jordis goal vs Coventry City”

  1. i agree with goodbye the championship as we are going up to the premier
    league wanker what history do you have? what fans do you have? nothing
    gomez and maybe rangle will go no one else

  2. i agree with you mate. I hate divers and that is what he is(he is spainish
    though) also I knew your freekick was going in when i looked at the clock
    and our luck. ah well we’ll make the play-offs

  3. oh rite good goal but the bloke jordis who scored is a pussy. Dan fox
    freekick was far better in that match!!BigupCityTheSkyblues

  4. Martinez to wigan, gomez, rangel, scotland to follow. Swansea say goodbye
    to the championship the best thing that ever happened to you has just left.
    Cum on tha latics

  5. you will never play in the premiership, shouldn’t be allowed to anyway,
    should be in welsh league along with wrexham and cardiff

  6. gomez is already an Espanyol player, but we will sell him to wigan, i wish
    gomez plaied with espanyol the next season, he’ll be an excellent player in
    the future.

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