24 Replies to “Southampton vs Coventry Pitch Invasion HD”

  1. If you look closely at 0:48, you can see Busquets diving into the goal…

  2. 100+ stewards to keep the Coventry fans from doing anything silly while 28000 people run onto the pitch all around them. Priorities.

  3. now we need to win the premier league! LOL but the dolphin dive was the classic.

  4. When its done en masse there is nothing that can be done, they can’t fine tens of thousands of people. Like you say someone has to start it though

  5. love that security are getting paid to just watch people run on.. they can’t do anything!! lol

  6. See the police filming it. Go get some real criminals like those brown skinned immigrants raping our girls.

  7. this is gonna happen at the Etihad tomorrow.. big time. not a chance in hell it isn’t happening.

  8. now buy some more dutch players and the premier league title is for the saints!!!

  9. Even after we win the title and grand final in the A-League here in Australia. We never do pitch invasions unfortunately…..fines are too big and no one is willing to start it.

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