13 Replies to “The World’s Best Freekick?”

  1. 2008-10-12
    Belarusian Cup, Round of 16, the first leg.
    MTZ-RIPO (actual name is FC Partizan Minsk) 4-0 FC Smorgon.
    The players are Kontsevoy (scored) and Sashchenko.

  2. today iscored a roberto carlos i took a corner and it curled into the back post

  3. oh alright 🙂

    yeah they are mine – but not all of them are there, i’m on soundcloud 🙂 loads of tracks there.

    check it out if you like: s o u n d c l o u d (dot) c o m s l a s h l e g e n d a r y a l x

  4. he doesn’t physically have to touch it twice to shoot. Anyway I checked the FIFA rules and it turns out that they specify that you may flick it up with one or both feet. There was a big controversy over here after this Coventry goal and it seemed they had outlawed it, search Coventry free kick 1970 and see the comments. I asked everyone I knew and they thought it was illegal but apparently it is not.

    Ps. are they your mixes on your page? some of them are decent

  5. so are you saying everytime there is a freekick and the kicker decides to shoot it directly – he has to touch it twice ? He can’t just shoot it ? get outta here

  6. The ref is awful. That isn’t legal, was kind of allowed years ago, i remember it happened in the intertoto cup but if this video is recent ref needs his badges taken away. It is essentially the free kick taker touching it twice.

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