Coventry City will be beginning the new season in League One looking to get swiftly promoted into the Championship. The club will be looking to strengthen the squad once the transfer embargo is lifted shortly. This is the aim of the manager Stephen Pressley, who has been holding out trials of several players in the last few weeks. Two foreign players – Spanish defender Daniel Orozco and Portuguese midfielder Fabio Martins – have been on trial at the club in recent weeks. However, they have not impressed the manager sufficiently in order to earn a new deal once the transfer embargo is lifted.

As a result, they have been told to return to their home country. After the recent 3-2 defeat against Mansfield Town in a friendly match, Pressley has said that he does not know whether he will be continuing his interest in Fabio Martins. According to him, the Portuguese winger has impressed in certain areas, but he does not know whether he will be good enough for a team that aims to get promoted. The situation was a little different with Orozco after the defender suffered an injury just after his arrival to the club.

However, Pressley is quite happy with the effort he has put in just to come to the club, and he will certainly take a look at him in the future.

“Fabio showed flashes of quality but whether or not I am going to pursue that, I don’t know. I have been pretty definite about the type of player I am looking for in that position but I don’t think he quite carries that DNA that I am looking for; that really electrifying pace. He’s a very special football player, there’s no doubt about that, and obviously Danny Orozco came in and unfortunately got injured,” said Pressley.