Coventry To Focus On FC Development

Owners of Coventry City FC have been launching legal action which has not been found favorable by the supporter group of the football club.

Sisu has decided to discontinue any legal action that it might have planned to take against the council. The focus would be on the future of the club instead. This was made clear in a statement issued by Sky Blue trust. They welcomed a statement from the court which held up a previous judgement that was passed. Coventry city council was found not to have acted unlawfully in the financing of the loan to the Ricoh Arena Company. Sky Blue Trust, one of the largest supporter groups of the football club, felt that the matter had been drawn out long enough. It was distracting the club owners from the main focus that is how making the club performs more successfully in upcoming games.

The group also voiced their concern about the legal battle draining out most of the resources of the club. When it was hinted that the case might be moved to Supreme Court or European Commission that was when the largest support group of the club has intervened.

The group stated that Sisu needs to note the views of the fan clubs as well. If they feel that it has been enough, it definitely indicates that a line needs to be drawn. The stakeholders need to make the club seem like a success and not an organization that is divided internally. They need to focus on the success of the club both on the field and off it. These are ways the fan club was successful in bringing a legal battle to an end that might have continued or been dragged on for a long time. It definitely helps to conserve resources and bring back focus on the club’s performance.