15 Replies to “Coventry vs Crewe JPT area final 5/2/13”

  1. At least crewe will still be in business in league 1 and 2 when you’re in a massive ground that you can’t afford to have

  2. shower of shite? coming from shitty club like crewe and this is for league 1 and 2 where you’ll be forever. but we are going up. twats

  3. Lewis Torode are you taking the piss you’re 3-0 down and have to go away from home no chance are you winning 3-0 away at the alex especially looking at your pathetic excuse for strikers

  4. keep dreaming sunshine! haha!

    you were awful last night..my 8 year old brother could of scored more upfront than that shower of shite you’ve got playing.

    we’ve got one foot in the door now..with the other halfway in..you’ve got it all to do fella!!

  5. FQAC1 its only half time yet don’t worry our name is on that trophy unfortunately for you. You will have no success this season at all unfortunately your crap and people have never heard of you we will be in the Championship with a win in the play offs and the JPT in our back pocket!

  6. Yeah fair play you took your chances but you had 4 shots on target the whole game and scored 3 of them, we had 17. Also you got dominated on possession and we had 15 corners you had 2

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