25 Replies to “Keith Houchen Diving Header Video 1987 FA Cup Final”

  1. @barrfee Great era for the Cup. The winners should be awarded a place in the CL, not celebrating 4th place. Reward the glory of winnng!

  2. 0:22 His celebrations crack me up ! but it’s funny when he turns around and there’s no one there !
    LOL he’s like ..” Shit ! I better get back to the halfway line quick ! ” LOLOL

  3. @holmanmi Who cares, still kicked Spurs’s arse when it mattered hey 🙂 Also i detect a bit of soreness, still sulking over arguably the best goal ever scored in the FA cup final at the old Wembley,, Jog on matey.

  4. Ha Ha Ha glad he made your day bad because it made mine one of the best days of my life.

  5. Best day of my life, I will never see Coventry in a major final again but glad to say I seen them play at wembley twice.

  6. Two words sum this man & that goal up – Commitment & Determination. At least for that moment, if not always, that man had both those hings in abundance, for the cause… Greatest Final goal ever, in one of the greatest Finals ever. Hero.

  7. sometimes i wonder why i put up with coventry city over the years, but this video right here makes me realise why i love this club.

    City Till’ I Die.

  8. Along with the donkey kick this is one of the greratest Coventry City goal ever

  9. i met keith about a year ago, he signed me a large photo of this diving header. it looks cool as fuck, hope its worth something in the future!!

  10. As a Liverpool fan, this is better than gerrard’s cup final goal, no question in my view, as it captures every hint of magic about the fa cup. Top top diving header. great goal!

  11. what a wonderful day the city was finally put on the map,when the FA cup had some meaning, how money has spoilt the wondeful game, the goal still brings back great memories, play up sky blues.

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