25 Replies to “Leicester City 1-1 Coventry City HIGHLIGHTS! GOALS! BERNIE! CHANTS!”

  1. @superhazbo1 1-0 hahahahaha, even wen we had 10 u coudlnt control the game! GOING DOWN WITH THE DERBY, GOING DOWN WITH DERBBBYYYY, YOUR GOING DOWN WITH THE DERBY!!!

  2. should be fun in cove…with all the young chavs again…
    dont run this time…stand up and lets see whats on offer….
    shit pit..shit firm…thats thats the woo weee scared legion…

  3. @CoolBoysBackYard
    we actualy brought 29,000 fans to a game and we brought 12,000 to an away game and wots the fox fockers highest away crowd about 3,000

  4. i am a cov fan so all i can say is…… YA MUMS YA DA YA DADS YA MUM YOUR ALL INBREDS AND YOUR LEICESTER SCUM

  5. oh my god your repeting the same highligts to act like your singing more than once lol

  6. A few more cov fans seem to turn up when playing Leicester, but as usual still as empty as usual with the loud noice from the away end. Foxes to win 2-0!

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