25 Replies to “Coventry Free Kick 1970”

  1. Dietmar Bruck still getting a game. Spider must have been injured. We don’t see our number 6 in the clip. I’m guessing it could have been Roy Barry or even Bobby Parker. Does anyone know?

  2. @camtinley Because he’s using TWO feet to flick the ball up, he’s technically playing the ball twice. Free kick remember!

  3. “Right out of the book, and on the first line too” It sounds more like he says that i think.

  4. I’m training to be a ref and was surprised to read in the Fifa Laws that scooping the ball up at a free kick, with one or both feet, for a team-mate to then kick is allowed. They make a point that it’s actually allowed. I thought it’d been banned since this goal, maybe they changed the laws again.

  5. Great goal. Coincidently, also the last time Coventry scored from a free kick…. :p

  6. @adarkwindblows Well done Sherlock. Maybe you should lobby FIFA to get this outlawed? After all, 41 years of this going on every weekend is just not in the spirit of the game is it?

  7. @adarkwindblows Yes, it is illegal now. It was a grey area at the time but, if memory serves, not long after that kick, the FA and FIFA and UEFA decided that any kick that touched the boot more than once counted as two touches. So these kind of dead ball flicks are no longer possible. Pity, innit?

  8. @portugalskrilla Fair point, it was a bit of a one-off moment of inspiration I agree. Mind you, the journos would never have stopped going on about it had Cruff or Pele or Platini done it…..

  9. surely this is illegal, flicking it up with both feet constitutes touching it twice?

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