25 Replies to “Newcastle fans Coventry goal”

  1. lmfao i lost mine at halft time lmao :D Awesome game enjoyed every moment but who better to score than owen hey ?? :/

  2. same as mate top left fucking awesome would do anything to hit an atmosphere like that again 😀

  3. what a fucking atmosphere.
    i was at the top oif the telegraph stand
    when that went in i just jumped and hugged people i didnt even know,
    was a great moment. what a fucking throw in

  4. I was there in the telegraph stand what a goal!! what a game!! I sang and cheered so much I lost my voice hahahahaha

  5. and then we scored and we didnt hear a thing for ages. pussyhole

    Nick i want my pokemon back NOW!!

  6. see now thats just plain rude when coventry go 1 – 0 down we dont sit back down we cheer them get them to know the fans are still here and to go for a goal like we did, 2-0 down half of us sit down but still we fighting 2-1 we get excited we ask for more and … it happened.. fair play to use tho yha got the win you desurved but keep it in your head that we’ll be back!!

  7. After being one of the sky blue fans in the ‘telegraph’ stand i was a happy supporter and that coventry will see you ‘toons’ next year.
    Sky Blue Army

  8. Oh What a game by the sky blues shown that they were no push overs and that they were totally capable of fighting. Toon must of underestimated the sky blues but still put out good performance fair play to them they came out with a win. but we are the louder fans and we will fight til the game is won.
    PUSB Sky Blue Army PUSB

  9. Thort it was a class game and was goin nutty. Bit gutted we didnt hold out but think Newcastle deserved it on the day. PUSB

  10. very good game i enjoyed it one of the best ive ever seen coventry play(well not the second half) newcastle have a great team and great support. . .

  11. top game.
    newcastle have a great bunch of fans, feel sorry for them after the keegan saga, but think they will solve it.

  12. thats a loooong throw lol.
    fair game i thought, i went crazy when that goal went in, shame we couldnt hold it out in the end. you could definately tell you was a premiership side, well played but


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