8 Replies to “Cool Football Compilation”

  1. im digging this video! my names Faith, kinda feelin bored if any1 wants to join me on cam or wana chat i will be signed on at __ FriendlyFlirts(.COM) __ my user ID there is Faith_dmrxamc chat soon xx its FR33 to j0in! mwah

  2. you say you were just mucking about and your telling me to grow up??? how do you work that 1 out thiery henry?

  3. Don’t see you doing any better, considering this was just a bit of mucking about, bit odd how you seem to think we’re weirdo’s from playing football.. Grow up!

  4. what the fuck was tht. you bunch of weirdo’s. anybody notice the wanabe stepover at 1min 05sec’s … somebody have a word.

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