12 Replies to “Paul Lambert Speech – Norwich City v Coventry May 7th 2011 – Promotion Celebrations”

  1. @canariesmatty it was me and ma mate who started the singing!!!
    bit of banter!!! lol

  2. @canariesmatty it was me and ma mate who started the singing!!!
    bit of banter!!! lol

  3. im a cov fan who was born and raised in norwich and support the sky blues because my dad is a cov fan, so i can say that norwich have some idiots too. i was at the game and enjoyed the banter between the 2 sets of fans during the game, i wasnt one of the ones singing during his speech and as i left i clapped the lads in the barclays to only get back wanker signs and the cut across the throat signal. so i really dont care if norwich fans are upset as it goes both ways! PLAY UP SKY BLUES

  4. @canariesmatty … Some idiotic Cov fans were out of order, and you have a right to be pissed. I watched this and was at the game, I showed respect inside and outside the ground, so please dont state that ALL Cov fans should learn respect and then call the respectful ones watching ‘wankers’, simply not true! All the best in the Prem.

  5. I think we should have shown a bit of class and respect to a club who have just won back to back promotions and done something we would love to do at the end of the game. I had a great day, met some really nice Norwich fans, and felt honoured to be able to share their special day inside and outside the ground. I left before this and im kinda glad I did because if the shoe was on the other foot, you know us Cov would be pissed!! All the best Norwich, have fun in the Prem.

  6. dont know why you norwich fans are crying over lamberts speech you will only want him sacked when your relegated next season anyway so grow up

  7. @pusbccfc Awkward, we aren’t in 60 million worth of debt…. and you had a miserable, bottom half finish… you can’t take it out on Norwich that your team has no aspiration.

  8. respect… we where cheering our team who had dominated what is a poor team, who will find them selves in trouble when they get relegated and realise they still have 60million pound in debt, you should not be going up because you should have a transfer embargo due to the debt

  9. @canariesmatty bet your that dick that was crying about it in the nelson come to coventry and moan gay lord

  10. im a coventry fan and i not going to show u any respect. booo who i cant hear my paul lambert go and cry to your mummy dick

  11. to all coventry fans watching this learn to respect someone you fucking wankers

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