18 Replies to “Sutton Utd v Coventry City FA Cup 1988-89 Highlights”

  1. @0586730O2 Yes Coventry beat Spurs in the 1987 final, one of best games in years and I missed it as my old boss from my Y.T.S placement asked me to work in his video shop that day, tight bugger only paid me five pounds lol. I have seen worse misses than that one on t.v, Kris Boyd has at least one every match lol.

  2. @planetrockford 3rd place playoffs are always good generally as the nations really have nothing to play for and go for it. Yes she is doing well, because she is a woman should not be an issue, everyone complains at the linesmen/ref every week for dodgy decisions and we all know what gender they are. Anyway about the clip I remember this game, I think Coventry had won the cup recently as well, how did Sedgley miss that chance at 3.54, miss of the century!

  3. @0586730O2 You are right, the matches were so boring I resorted to betting on the number of bookings instead of the numer of goals, true. The final was the opposite of the 3rd place play-off which was a great game. Maybe they should get Andy Gray to commentate on the next World cup, that would give us something to talk about lol. Personally I think female refs etc are a breath of fresh air and at only 25 years old she is doing very well to be officiating at that level.

  4. @planetrockford yes a few shock results, but ultimately poor, started slow, waiting for it to kick into life, a few highlights but never got going. The final itself was a good representation of the tounament as a whole. Tight, pensive, frustrating and ultimately a letdown after much promise and expectation

  5. @0586730O2 You are right, the last World cup was poor and my opinion is the only decent one lately post 1994 was the 1998 French World cup. I did enjoy Slovakia beating Italy and New Zealand getting a draw against the Italians. Spain for me were boring.

  6. @0586730O2 Slaven was a hero of mine also Pallister and Mowbray. Slaven works for a radio staion 6 shows a week and is quite the comedian (3 Legends Real radio North East), definately worth a listen on-line as your old manager and boyhood Fulham fan Malcolm Macdonald is the Newcastle pundit. I got quite attched to the Belgian world cup teams of that era for some reason and could tell you the whole squad. Good result for you Saturday but same old Boro, as I listened to the match, lol.

  7. @planetrockford ah yes bernie slaven what a player for you, personally my favourite world cup was 1986, such great goals and games, josimar, rats, butragueno etc… this recent world cup was rubbish game and goal wise apart from a couple of hightlights…

  8. @0586730O2 I agree, although we can get a little cynical too with middle age, on this topic not many would argue with you. For every Bergkamp and Zola there are 50 Midos and Aquilanis these days. Still they can never take our memories away, my best are the 1986, 90, 94 World cups and Boro’s 1986/87 and 87/88 seasons.

  9. @planetrockford it’s ridiculous, mcbride yes went back to US, yes football and the players from the fans is becoming more and more disant now with the money and all, used to be a working mans sport and all that, yes i am an armchair fan now too, i love football as game, it is my favourite sport to follow always has been always will be, but i hate everything about the running of football nowadays(money, players demands, contract demands, no loyalty, not caring/aware of local derbys) .

  10. @0586730O2 I am Boro fan so thanks for taking Schwarzer off us lol. I always liked Brian McBride when he was with your team, but 60 quid to go to a game? I think I could have spent that on 60 games (pound for a kid) in the 80s when I went to see Newcastle alot too. That was the Keegan era. I am an armchair fan these days.

  11. @planetrockford i follow fulham for my sins (!) and about 2 years ago paid about £60 to watch them play chelsea in a league game, my uncle got the ticket, at least we drew 2-2 and didn’t lose, would have made the cost of the ticket price worse!! use to go and watch staines town back in the early 90’s when the were in the vauxhall conference league 2 (?) and it cost about £2.50 to get in!

  12. @0586730O2 17 quid to get into to a Conference game, the world has gone mad mate.

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