Coventry City recently suffered the second consecutive defeat after losing 2-0 against Brentford in the League One. These two defeats have taken the wind out of the team that had gone six matches without defeat previously. After the match, manager Steven Pressley said that the team lost their focus midway through the match. They will be hoping to return to winning ways with the match against Stevenage during the weekend. As a result of the good form in the month of September, Coventry have been able to move into the 22nd position in the table.

This is extremely impressive considering that this is the season with a deficit of 10 points due to a penalty. Donaldson opened the scoring for Brentford in the 22nd minute, but Coventry always looked like being able to get back into the match because the deficit was only one goal. However, Martin Taylor’s goal in the 68th minute brought about a significant change. Coventry were unable to recover from then on in and they lost the match. They have so far taken 14 points, but they sit in the table with only four points. All the teams around them have played the same number of matches – nine.

Pressley has said that there were times in the match when the team looked like accepting the defeat and that should not repeat.

“We lost our way a bit. We stopped doing what we work towards all the time, our passing became a bit lethargic and we didn’t keep passing the tight areas like we normally do. In the end we went down 2-0 and on reflection Brentford deserved that but the one thing that disappointed me was the way we lost our spirit. That’s not the type of performance I want. In football there is a manner to lose them and today we looked like we just accepted that,” said Pressley.