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  1. i remember being most pissed off because my mate was a spurs fan living in leeds, and we both wanted a leeds-spurs wembley final. would have been an epic day.

  2. I too was privileged to be at this great game. Looking again at this footage over 20 years later, wasn’t Dave Bennett an awesome player ?

  3. To make sure we got tickets for this game,we left home at 2 in the morning,naively thinking we’d be near the front of the queue….must’ve been a good couple of thousand leeds fans already queuing when we arrived at ER..!!
    I remember us all feeling mentally drained at the end of the game and though we lost,it still ranks as one of my all time favourite games.Credit to both teams and sets of supporters for giving us a classic..

  4. Ironic that you should bemoan ‘sanitised all seater stadia’ in this thread. They came to be because of what happened to Liverpool supporters two years later. On the Leppings Lane terrace, exactly where the Leeds fans were stood in this match, 96 people were crushed to death. RIP the 96.

  5. just rewatched the dvd of the game ,it had everything oggy was immence, the game was played hard but fair if it was rerun now there would have been sendings off, classic game as good as the cup final!

  6. I’m a Coventry fan as well and was at this game. It was a great atmosphere and I thought we had blown it when Edwards equalised. Ironically, I was a Leeds fan up until I was about 10, back in the days of Bremner, Lorimer etc; but Coventry was my home City and I started going to their games and was hooked on City from then. Great memories

  7. I was there that day my best game by fare.That Kieth Edwards equaliser still makes the hairs stand on end,the silience as ritchies cross goes over then the pure joy on us leeds in that leppings lane end will never be repeated in any ground again.1987 season was a joy cup run/play offs SO NEAR N YET SO FAR, cant believe it was 23yrs ago….Forever Leeds,Forever United..Ls9 Division E.E.P.

  8. thats good to hear from another teams supporters. in full vioce there are no better fans in britain. i was there that day as a raw 19 year old and it still rates as one of the most mentally draining games ive been to. respect to cov. i was also there yesterday along with 6500 others, fantastic travelling support, with the same scoreline but this time in our favour

  9. This was a magnificent game – a throwback to proper cup football before the days of the Premiership, Sky & Blackburn / Chelsea / Man City trying to buy success. Leeds started superbly & simply blew us a way for the first half an hour. I remember looking at the stadium clock about 2 mins b4 we equalised – time had never passed so quickly. p.s if anyone still has my sky blue sombrero I threw after our 2nd goal, can I have it back.

  10. My abiding memory (as a Cov fan) relates to the fact that the game was shown on T.V. (as you can see!!) with a time lapse of about 90 minutes (?), and when Leeds started as they did I thought we were bound to have been blown away. I couldn’t stand watching us get slaughtered so I turned on the live commentary on the radio just to ensure that it had at least gone to extra time (what a coward). The rest, as they say, is history.

  11. I was still 18 in 1987. My old man was working nights so I had to take a portable TV into the shed at the bottom of the garden just in case I woke him up. You had to have the volume on loud for that game! Just me in a shed, a crate of John Smith’s, an old portable, a zillion spiders and one mother of a proper cup semi final. Fair play to Coventry but Leeds were magic – just seeing Edwards’ finish and the Leppings Lane explosion brought back some wonderful memories. The shed collapsed! MOT

  12. martin tyler was quite biased in his commentary I thought. For instnace, he seemed a lot more animated when leeds scored compared to his more subdued response to the coventry goals. 

  13. A cracking match with a great atmosphere.

    Is it me or has the FA Cup lost it’s shine because they now play semis at Wembley? Atmosphere at the smaller club grounds for the semis was always electric.

    But as to the assertion that all-seater stadia killed the atmosphere of the game, well there was a reason for that at this ground two years later.

    Not hearing the booing of black players like we hear at this game is a plus I reckon too.

  14. What are the commentators on about on coventry’s equaliser? That wasn’t Ormsby’s fault..he was doing the right thing by shielding it out….Bennet did well to retrieve that….

  15. That’s good to know ! cos It was a cracking game – one of the last great FA Cup Semis before sanitised all seater stadia slowly began to kill the atmosphere of our game.

  16. I’m a Coventry fan, and in many ways, this game was more entertaiing than the actual final that year. This was a real scrap with both teams obviously REALLY wanting the win. I gained a respect for Leeds United that day that has never left me.

  17. I was in the Leppings Land end and when Edwards equalised it went fucking mental!

  18. I was at this game, only 10 years old, This has to be one of my favourites for atmosphere, Leeds fans were brilliant!!!!!!
    LUFC 4 Life!

  19. Still have the ticket stub from the match. I can still in my minds eye, Rennies goal in the first half

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