25 Replies to “The Goal That Never Was – Coventry v C Palace 1980”

  1. Never a goal in a million years, hit the underside of the bar and post and came out. Referee and linesman got it spot on.

  2. This has now happened 3 times to Crystal palace, and seems not to anyone else.

    Gerry murphy DIVED
    So the free kick should not have been awarded
    By The Way
    terry venebles is one of the most corrupt men in the game
    let me ask you lot a question
    when was the last time venebles has appeared on a tv screen???
    a long time age
    because he was FOUND OUT
    I R E S T M Y C A S E

  4. @costateguise He is saying why we need it TODAY! We have the technology, but we haven’t learned from events from the past, where this technology would have benefited and we have this privilege to use it now. Events such as the Eng vs Ger highlight why even today we need this.

  5. is it a net or wall? wall would’ve bounce in anyway, how the fuck did it bounced out?

  6. is it a net or wall? wall would’ve bounce in anyway, how the fuck it bounced out?

  7. The following week from this game, there was a televised match on ITV involving Forest where the slow motion showed that a Shilton save had in fact crossed the line. And all these modern football commentators think they invented goal line technology.

  8. that was the right desicion from the referee he says no goal were is the problem!!!

  9. really soccer should setup some cameras for the refs just like in hockey ! witch i think hockey is way way more fair.

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