“Coventry city is no more a soft touch in premier league” insists Mark Robins as they’re picking off the prospects of brilliant young academy.

The loss of Sky blues has been evident as many new bee players have vanished without even exploring the light of the day in the team. Midfeilder Charlie McCann was a lost by City in 2018 and bought by Manchester United. In summer of 2016, back then Evertin had successfully snapped up the striker of academy named Bassala Sambou which was followed by the rejection he claimed to the new contract with his very own hometown club. Sambou became the star of footballer’s eye with the achievement of 25 goals which he scored in the under-18 tournaments like the league and the FA youth cup, and the other four were hits in Under-21.

Another high profile footballer who bagged a position into the first team but eventually left the club followed by the city enjoying the full benefits and missing out on his talents, is James Maddison, who was sold to the former top flight Norwich city.

The club’s huge selling mark is to allot young kids a chance of benefit of first football team is the code that is cracked by holding on and taking all the advantage of the profits of their soil connected and developed talent, by Tom Bayliss is a glittering example as the manager solids to be confident.

The club has now being diverting its focus to recruiting the highly-rated stage players in order to supplement the attention of fruitful supply of the youngsters for working and training their path towards the academy standards this was followed by the recruitment department of city that has been refurbished over the past one year with the club now focusing towards development.

The above mentioned strategy is expected to result positively in order to club being even better of team quality in position and standard which should be preferred more than the draft of the players who loan, hence is decided to be a long term strategy and can be highly successful as denoted in the previous season.