Ross Stewart Joins Coventry First Team

Ross Stewart is the new coaching recruit from Coventry rugby who has joined the team from Cambridge; he is all ready to make a big impact on the Academy located at Butts Park Arena.

As per Joe Lane, who is winger of the team, Ross as a coach is already making a big impact on the club members. He has joined the Development Academy recently. He has joined in pre season training and he was previously in National League One in Cambridge Rugby. Continue reading “Ross Stewart Joins Coventry First Team”

Tribute To Harry Walker

Harry Walker, who was a legend of Coventry Rugby, passed away recently and hundreds were at their funeral. Harry ‘H’ Walker, a legend for all associated with Coventry Rugby, passed away and his funeral was held at Holy Trinity Church. Here much was talked about as to how he is remembered and how people celebrated his life.

Harry had been one of the oldest international players of this club who was still surviving and his name had become strongly associated with Coventry and Warwickshire rugby; his contributions have been outstanding in the game, off and on the pitch which has been for many decades. Continue reading “Tribute To Harry Walker”